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Corporate Responsibility


Kuoni has been striving for over ten years to enhance the positive impact of tourism on people and the environment and simultaneously minimise its negative ramifications. Kuoni and its staff are convinced that the company can make a major contribution to ensuring sustainable tourism development within its scope and the resources at its disposal. In all its actions and activities, Kuoni strives to serve as a good corporate citizen who pays due and full regard to the current and the future economic, social and environmental impact of its business operations. In doing so, Kuoni applies its sustainability goals and criteria to all forms of tourism, including the mass tourism market, the premium tourism segment and the various niche sectors. On the basis of the CR strategy, which has been approved by the Board of Directors for 2012– 2014, a formal CR risk assessment and the subsequent definition of the materiality matrix, the focus issues for corporate responsibility within the Kuoni Group are: governance & organisation, employee engagement, sustainable supply chain, sustainable products, human rights and natural resources management.


The sustainability strategy is reviewed and approved by the Executive Board and the Board of Directors. The Corporate Responsibility department centrally coordinates implementation of the priorities defined in the strategy. Results and the achievement of goals (formally, the Corporate Responsibility Cockpit) are presented to the Executive Board once a year for review. Implementation of the strategic priorities in the individual Business Units is coordinated by the responsible local staff, members  of the Corporate Responsibility Network,  consisting of more than 20 employees.

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