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Corporate Responsibility


Kuoni aims to make its entire supply chain more sustainable in the long term. We place great emphasis on each link in the chain by involving a wide range of stakeholders, including our internal procurement & production departments, external certification schemes for sustainable tourism, hotel and other industry partners, NGOs and international organisations. We train our procurement department to prioritise sustainability, monitor key suppliers with reference to our Supplier Code of Conduct, and support certifi­cation schemes for hotels in our catalogues, such as the Travelife →  Sustainability System. 

Kuoni continually engages in building the capacity of our most important suppliers in key destinations on a variety of topics, including human rights and labour conditions, child protection and environmental management.


Tunisia is an important destination for our clients. The aim of this project, which is supported by Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), is to make the tourism industry generally more sustainable. Within the project, Kuoni has set itself the target of improving the sustainability performance of partner hotels in Tunisia's touristic regions. Local consultants are currently being trained, who will then be able to advise hotels on sustainability issues. At the end of the process, these hotels should be certified by the Travelife Sustainablility System.

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